Rules and Regulations (Don't worry, there aren't that many)

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Rules and Regulations (Don't worry, there aren't that many)

Post by United Nations on Tue Dec 22, 2015 4:37 pm


1. Be polite and courteous to other members
2. Don't spam (e.g. over-excessive unnecessary posting, etc.)
3. OOC (Out Of Character) Bullying in ANY FORM is NOT TOLERATED ON THIS FORUM. If there are any disagreements or disputes, please resolve them via PM (private messages) with calm discussion.
4. You are allowed to swear, but not excessively so. This is to avoid offending people.
5. Each member can have a maximum of 20 characters, and each character needs its own separate account- no doubling characters on a single account! OOC accounts are unnecessary, OOC posts/messages (when I get the chatbox to work) should either be in OOC sections, or kept in OOC marks, e.g. (( )), [[ ]], // //, etc.
6. Sensitive topics (I will create a list of triggers, feel free to post yours there if you have any) should be kept in spoilers.
7. Smut and excessive gore aren't allowed here. If you want to rp smut/gore, please do so on external sites e.g. chatzy, chatango, skype.
8. If you will be absent for an extended period of time, please post in the hiatus thread. If you don't use an account for over 60 days it may be deleted to minimize spam.
9. You MUST post an application in the Introductions thread before roleplaying on the forums
10. Characters must be an accurate representation of the nation/city/state/territory/ideal they represent. If you need help, just ask ^^
11. This is a Hetalia: Axis Powers RP forum. Please try to stay on-topic. There will be an off-topic thread if you wish to discuss something unrelated to APH.
12. Okay so I'm pretty new to coding so there may be bugs/the forum may not look superb. I'm currently looking for co-admins and moderators, so please help me out (and cut me some slack! I suck at coding. I'm just a hetalia fangirl/history and geography geek)
13. This may sound kinda tacky and lame but, HAVE FUN!
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